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Pikachu, Power Sombrero!
Left Claw North

So apparently "Don't drive my car until I can fix the tail" means "Wait until I leave the state and then go play dress-up with it." That's what I get for leaving the Pikabug at my mom's place in Indiana. However, tacos are always acceptable. So I'll allow it.

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Ahh what happened to Pikabug's tail?

It does look good with a sombrero

There's some dry-rot at the base of the tail where the bolt hole is, and some stress-fractures in the paint. If you've got dry-rot in your bolt hole, you should probably address it.

O.o is such wear & tear fixable or permanent?

and brining it back permanently or just taking it for a spin? :)

Bring your Pikabugbutt here and we'll take it to my guy and get a tail made.

This has nothing to do with me wanting to save money on my tail. It is purely unselfish and in your best interest.

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