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Friggin' Awesome
Sup! I am indeed still alive. The past couple months have been pretty balls-out awesome. And today is my birthday, so my present to myself is a Livejournal update.


*Thanksgiving. Awesome. Need video of Kim's mom doing Gangnam Style to watch whenever I feel down.

*Food Drive. Helped the local fuzzies raise a metric fuckton of canned goods for the local food bank.

*Chest AIDS. Sucked. Ten hours in the cold during the food drive bought me a trip to the ER with a chest infection. The only cure was more cigarettes.

*Christmas. Pretty subdued. Hung out with Andy and his family, which is always enjoyable.

*MAGFest. Awesome. Spent the weekend drinking and playing videogames (at MAGFEST?! NO WAY!) with Kim, Dave, Reku, Och.. Ock... Octorok.... some other awesome dude, Karn, Karen, Renard, Tora, bLiNd, Cutman and all other parties involved. I even got free frozen yogurt out of the deal. Reku went through and wrecked shop with his mighty cyberwang, tying for first place in the League of Legends tourney.

*Job. Sexytime. Got the datacenter position I interviewed for back in October. I start on the 18th of February. Currently balls-deep in a mountain of preparations. Found some potential houses. Attempting a March 1 move-in if everything goes through with the bank. I said "Hey, bank. I need to borrow $6000 for a few weeks. I'll give it right back." and they were all... "Hmm, we'll have to think about it." SO here's to hoping. Otherwise I may need to sell a kidney to pull this off.

*Dogface. Still dumb. Has taken to sleeping on the table as of late.

So, that is all for now. More info to come, following the relocation to Ashburn/Sterling/Leesburg/Whichever-I-Decide-On.

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Hey now, them's my stomping grounds. Congrats on the job and good luck on the house! Once you get settled, let me know where you've landed, neighbor.

Certainly! Found a couple places in Leesburg I'm looking at right now. Once I have solidified everything and settled in, we'll have to break in the new place proper with a good ol' fashioned game night.

Holy crapola he lives! Good to hear you got that job, bout' damn time they realized they can't live without the AWESOME! You'll be moving up close to my old neck of the woods in Gaithersburg/Bethesda MD :D

We'll certainly have to throw down before you decide to wander back out to the Yellowstone area!

heh, seemed to have missed out on this one but hell yeah its awesome to hear from ya ^^

just keepin my fingers crossed for hte next coming weeks :3
and uhm, yeah, I kinda left some spam in your box :p

Too bad I can't just beam over some of that godawesome Kimbo , it would prove essential for said gaming night xD

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