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Friggin' Awesome
God damn, moving sucks giant weenus, but I'm in Leesburg now.

So, 99% moved into new place. There are still a couple things back in Williamsburg... some odds n' ends that I'll pick up next week. Dogface is pleased with his new digs, and in the past 24 hours has slept, rolled and sprawled over every square inch of the place. As one house fell through after another, I have acquired yet another apartment. I'm not particularly thrilled with that, but at least it's nice, has new appliances, is bigger than the old one, and is only short term until I have a down payment for a mortgage.

I'll be picking up Axel next week as well, so Dogface will have another BC to play with. I don't feel as bad having them in an apartment since there is a large dog walk right outside my back door, so they'll have plenty of space to run around and be retarded... which they are.

Jobwise, all is well. Getting paid to hang out with Tora is not a bad way to spend an evening.

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Ooooh, right on. I haven't checked that one out. I actually hit up Pho Palace near the Home Depot for lunch. It was pretty good! I'm going back down on Thursday to pick up the rest of the stuff and should be back on Friday night or Saturday morning. Saw a little Prius driving around today and thought "Oh hey, I need to poke Rigel."

Mayhaps this Saturday!

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Ah yes, that one. I'm open for suggestion though. What's good in the area? All food is good food

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Much appreciated! I've gotten a chance to try a couple of these places in between unpacking/organizing/etc. I'm getting a couple people together this Friday evening for some tabletop gaming. You are more than welcome to join us, the more the merrier!

Also, the drunken ribeye was godlike.

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Hmm, I may just have to do that! I'll shoot you a note with all of my contact info. Sundays I work overnight so I sleep during the day, so as awesome as an all-day event would be, that'd be a no go day for me. Certainly down with regular Friday night gaming though!

Glad that is almost over with :)

But I guess that means I'll have to wait a bit longer for your coordinates or will the downpayment and final move be for after 2014?

Shooting for the end of the year, if all goes well.

*nods* I told her the deadline is May 2014 independent of any decisions and circomstances.
Thing is I wil have t o make the deposit now since commissions for 2014 will be very limited

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The drive is superduper easy, especially if you make the trek later at night. There's friggin' nobody on 95-N at like 2am. I'll be back down that way on and off, so I'll certainly cruise out your way when I am!


d00d, grats on the new job and being able to hang with Tora at work!

Hell yeah man! You're gonna have to come help me break the new place in proper! We have a lot of Pokemon movies to drink through!

You will also have to accompany Brian to break the new place in proper!

I recognize.... one of those. That bill could use some Alice Cooper and Megadeth.

....I'm old.

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