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Like a mighty phoenix, rising from the ashtray
Friggin' Awesome
This weekend has been really good for me. With everything that's been going on with work, potential relocation and all that jazz, I've been weighed down with planning/number crunching/etc and balancing a 50-hour workweek for the past few weeks. This week, I just kinda burned out. It may come to a surprise to a lot of people exactly how introvertive I really am. Solitude and introspection is how I recharge, in turn allowing me to be the outgoing fun-loving smartass that everyone is used to.

I spread myself a little too thin this past week though, and with everyone I know and work with seemingly wanting a piece of me, I knew it was time to pull my head into my shell. So on Friday, I shut off my phone, stayed offline, and started my weekend-long trek of "I'm not doing shit. Time to veg." I've spent the weekend in solitude, out of contact with the world, and much like an Aspie shut-in I set my focus on compiling emulation software, troubleshooting segfault errors and raging about how Ubuntu is a worthless pile of shit (which it is.)

It's Sunday night, and I feel Awesome... like I can once again face the upcoming week head-on. So I cut my phone back on and have now rejoined the land of the living. I'm in the process of doing a Windows 7 build codenamed "HORADRIM." And you can guess why.

It's going to be a good week. Stay a while and listen.

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Solitude is niiiiceeeee... it's about the only way I get stuff done on my cars anymore XD

So I'm having almost the entire magfest security dept up at my house the weekend of June 9th for the premier of Prometheus. We're going to marathon the entire Aliens & Predator series, in chronological order, taking a break for Prometheus in theaters.

Do you want in? :3

Doodoo! That's the weekend before AC and things are probably going to be hectic. BUT WE SHALL SEE!

Also the Protomans videos from PAX East totally cracked my shit up.

rofl. I don't often say that I probably drank too much, but.

I know I drank too much that night.

Also, yeah! Keep me posted! I'm trying to snag one of Magfest's projectors for the weekend for it, but I'm not 100% sure if that's gonna be a go or no.

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