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Friggin' Awesome
When someone asks me, "Hey, what kind of movies do you like?" it's a very difficult question to answer. I grew up watching all kinds of shit... horror films, comedies, action, thrillers, dramas... the whole spectrum. My favorite film of all time is Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams, but that certainly doesn't define that genre as my favorite type of film.

However, there is a forgotten genre of film that had its glory days back in the late 70s and into the 80s which I can only describe as "sketch films." In their ranks you will find such classic comedic genius as Kentucky Fried Movie, Amazon Women on the Moon and The Sex O'Clock News. They were essentially 90 minutes of irreverent horse shit smashed together into a single cohesive clusterfuck of pure cinematic art. If you've ever heard me respond to something with "Ain't no Thelma here!" it's a quote from Amazon. These tasteless classics have sadly been buried in time, replaced by inferior slap-stick spoof movies that honestly make my colon clench. (Date Movie, anyone?)

Tonight, however, my faith in humanity was restored by a single film, titled Universal Remote. I watched it on a whim while nosing through Netflix. It started off a little iffy... but after about fifteen minutes I was completely warped back to a time where I was sitting with my dad, snuggled up in my footie pajamas, drinking caffeinated beverages my mother disapproved of me having, and watching hours upon hours of tasteless, culturally-insensitive off-color humor. (Oh stewardess, I speak jive!)

The following clip seriously made me lose my shit in the living room:

...and there you have it. I was a fucked up kid.

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Heh, yeah I remember Airplane! allright :)
I loved the Jive part xD

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