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Leesburg, here I come. Also, Pokemon.
I don't use this icon enough. Have a puppy.

Well, I have decided on a house in the lovely Evergreen Mill area of Leesburg. It's pretty sexytime. Currently finalizing everything with my Realtor and the listing agent to make magic happen. Give dollars, get house. Easy enough I guess. Should take possession of the property on/by March 1 and spend the rest of the month moving things from the Burg. Dogface will be pleased to have a big fenced-in yard to roll around in, and I will be pleased to have a kitchen I can actually cook in again. Apartment life sucks giant weenus. During this process I will probably be pretty incommunicado, save for minor updates via Twatter.

In other news, things look like they are moving ahead full-steam with Sukoshicon in Louisville. They've got the voice-actor updates and the guest updates on the website now. Looks like I'm spinning B2B with DJ GIANT ROBOT, which should be fun, but all I can imagine is a thirty-foot Cutman. Really looking forward to meeting back up wtih Rachel and Xris for the Pikabug Reunion... I don't think people will be able to handle that much badassery. Also gives me a chance to hang out with my nephew, which I wish I had more opportunity to do, because he's a cool kid.

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Badass! Can't wait to see the new casa de awesome! Who knew Evergreen Mills was a real place not just from fallout 3 eh?

Appartment? Where are you residing for the moment then? Or is what you currently live in called like that?

The crap hole I currently live in is called an apartment in English. The Dutch equivalent would be "Krapenholensmallendwellin"

gotcha ^^
its just that over here we understand this under the word appartment:

also why don't you check your mail? :s it's basically one of hte few communication methods left

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Was supposed to start yesterday but something got screwed up. HR didn't process my paperwork and I now have to start next Monday. But it'll be Sun - Wed once everything settles!

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