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Goings-on and whatnots
Friggin' Awesome
Let's see... what's new in the Land of Awesome...

Not a whole lot, really. Settled in, unpacked and organized. Things are returning to some semblance of equilibrium. Leesburg is a quiet little place... it's what Williamsburg would be if Williamsburg didn't suck. There's actually culture, things to do, things to eat and stores that carry items not catered toward rich old white ladies. All it needs is a couple of good launch coasters at my disposal and it'd be perfect.

Axel and Dogface are getting along well. They roll around, chew on each other and do typical collie-things. I should get them some sheep or something, but I don't think the leasing office would approve of my flock.


Picked up a new toy, as well. It's a 2013 Mustang GT Premium 5.0, Brembo brake package, 3.73 gearing with a six-speed manual transmission. I have been enjoying it greatly, even if the voice-controls for the radio don't work for shit. "Skip." "SYNC?" "No, Skip!" "Ok, syncing options. Is this correct?" "NO. SKIP GOD DAMNIT." "Syncing. Please wait." "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SYNCING?!" "Please say a command." "FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID CUNT!" "Opening Pandora. Please say a command." *careens off cliff*


That's pretty much it thus far.

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(Deleted comment)
Yuh huh! It's called Grabber Blue. It's a color that I've been eyeballing for a while now. It has way more power than I know what to do with, so I kinda nurse it along. But it's super nice, especially compared to the black one, which I will just be using as a dog taxi.


(Deleted comment)

It might even be just a little bit faster than your ex-mustang!

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